Samsung to use AMD chips in the UMPC

The Korea Times is reporting that Samsung, out of disappointment for the initial sales numbers of the Q1, is planning on launching a new UMPC in September that is based on the AMD chipset instead of the higher priced Intel chips.  The article states that Samsung expected to sell 400,000 Q1 devices in the first 12 months of sales but that actual sales will be far less due to the relatively high price of the Q1.  Retailers in the US have had a hard time keeping inventory in stock due to brisk pre-orders so I find it a bit surprising that Samsung is reporting lower sales than expected, but they claim only 2,000 units were sold in the first 30 days in South Korea.  Samsung is reportedly also negotiating a subsidy deal with South Korea’s largest telecom provider that would bring the price of future UMPC devices with integrated WiBro under $700.  On a related note The Korea Times is also reporting that Daewoo Lucoms will start seling a UMPC this month with a sticker price around $1,000.



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