Samsung Q1 reader questions (and answers)

Samsung_q1_4 As I’ve previously mentioned, I don’t want to over-saturate this space with personal Samsung Q1 UMPC posts; one a day is probably more of Kevin and "Sammy" than most people can take. We did just get a few jkOTR reader questions specific to the UMPC device, so I’ll air them here with the hope that other Q1 owners and potential owners can benefit.

Albert and David both had good questions, so I’ll share them after the jump. It was also interesting to note that the first thing that both of them said was "I couldn’t find Kevin’s e-mail address, so could you please forward this to him." As much as I like having James be my personal e-mail butler, I suppose we should cut him a break. ;) Although I can’t guarantee a personal response due to time constraints, I welcome your e-mail at Now for the questions…

Albert actually sent this in through our MobileTechRoundup podcast address, but it’s a valid concern: "I spend a lot of time writing down notes at work and at school  I was worried that the vectoring will make using the Q1 unpleasant.  I also like the idea of using the Q1 for presentations at meetings."

Here’s my opinion based on using the Q1 as my primary mobile device for the past four days (yes, I put the M205 in temporary "dry dock"): I think this device is ideal for taking notes and I’ve used it in several work meetings for that very purpose using Windows Journal and OneNote 2007. I will caution you on the vectoring; if you’re not careful, it will happen. I’ve made some adjustments to my inking to compensate, but it’s already second nature for me to rest my wrist on the device bezel around the screen.

From a presentation standpoint, the Q1 is at least as usable for them as any decent laptop. I’ve used the VGA output to connect to an external monitor in a presentation simulation and "Sammy" worked like a charm. There are multiple display options for a second monitor ranging from a clone of the screen, to an extended desktop or full output to the external monitory. The touchscreen on the Q1 still works for navigation and pointing in these cases, which is a nice bonus! By all means, I recommend trying one of these devices for inking if you can once we see them in Best Buy.

David also reached out to us with the following: "I saw from your Video of the Q1 that you could rotate the screen, did you have to do anything special as it doesn’t work on mine? "

I’ve seen this happen several times but haven’t contacted Samsung support just yet, simply because I can fix the problem. I’m not sure if this is related to Microsoft Update or not, but every few days, I lose the ability to rotate the screen. The simple, short term fix is to reinstall the Intel Graphics driver found at the default location of C:Program FilesSamsungGraphics DriverSetup.exe. Although this appears to be a temporary fix, it will restore the functionality. I’ll be looking into the actual root cause, of course.

David continues, "I tried you floatingtip.exe suggestion and while it works fine, I now cant seem to get the correction window to pop up, so if I tap on the recognized words under the writing in the TIP nothing happens. If I don’t load floattip.exe the it works fine, tap the recognized work and the window pops up to select another match."

I haven’t had this problem, so perhaps something glitchy is going on for you, David. My hope here is that others who use FloatingTip.exe on a touchscreen Tablet PC can give us an assist. Up to this point, I don’t think I could live without the program!



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