Phone Scoop’s Q review: a must read


Motorola_qEric Lin over at Phone Scoop has a bang-up review of the new Motorola Q that is a must-read for anyone looking at the new Smartphone. Eric covers just about every function of the phone and even comments on some functions that aren’t present, but ought to be. (Eric, why DO they have a keyboard but no Notepad type of application?)

From form, function and design to capturing video and sending messages, Eric covers it all very well. So well in fact, I can tell that the Q wouldn’t meet my particular needs. That’s not a slight to the Q; no, it’s a testament to a good review because I feel as though I just spent an hour evaluating the phone. After all, who would think to enter a bank vault to check signal strength and attempt a call? Phone Scoop would and did. Check it out!


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