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New Acts Using Ringtones To Build Fanbase

Reuters has an article on the way new music acts are using mobile to promote themselves…examples given are the Hip Hop reality show Nexxt, the MySpace/Cingular deal and a program by UrbanWorld Wireless where celebrities host mix tapes featuring new artists. The big issue (apparently) is that labels won’t sign a band unless they’re already shown they can get a fan base — mobile music is a part of that.
“But as popular as ringtones and other forms of mobile music may be, simply jumping in the pool doesn’t guarantee the idea will float. Ringtones are primarily a merchandising play — something fans buy to advertise their affiliation with an established act, not necessarily to discover new ones…”I don’t believe mobile content is by any stretch the be-all, end-all,” Xingtones CEO Jonathan Schreiber says. “It’s not even the beginning. There has to be a concerted effort where mobile, MP3s, T-shirts, concerts and images come together to accomplish the goal.”
It’s a symbiotic relationship — the programs that help promote new acts have a relationship with the band when it becomes big, with the idea that will yield exclusive content. That’s the aim of The Nickels Group, producers of Nexxt. “We want to be the new MTV.”