Meet the Cell-Phone Tracking Parents

In this article on tracking cellphones (either via GPS or by base tower triangulation) there’s an interesting throw-away line…”In the U.S. alone, Disney projects a market of 20 million to 30 million customers.” I’m not entirely sure whether it’s for the Disney MVNO which is talked about earlier in the piece or for children’s mobile services which include GPS tracking, either way it’s a pretty big market.
Still, the article gives the pros and cons of GPS tracking and keeps it in perspective: “GPS is not the demand-leader for parents,” says Avi Greengart, principal analyst for mobile devices at Current Analysis, a technology research company. “There’s a much greater demand for control over the kids’ connectivity — being able to contact a kid at all times, what kind of content they’re seeing, making sure they’re not running up huge bills.”
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