Just call me Gramps!


At approximately 8:15 this evening my daughter Misty and her husband Kurt became the proud parents of a 9 lb., 3 oz. baby boy, as yet unnamed.  Mother and son are doing well tonight, father seems a bit overwhelmed by it all.    Gramps and Grandma (snicker) are doing well too, although Grandma thinks she’s way too young to be a Granny.  I don’t have a photo yet but will post one when I do.  I have to go sit in my rocker now.


Blake Shannon

I hope you are still a Ultra Mobile Grandfather Person (UMGP) Wow I guess i will know go join the AAAAA (American Activists Against Acronym Abuse)

Well Congrats


Michael Venini


I think you need to rename this site to JK on the Walk. Since you now a grampa, you need to slow it down!!!



Greg, 9 pounds is nothing, remember this is Texas. Actually, mother and baby are in South Dakota.


I am WAAAAYYYYYY too young to be a grandma. After all, I just celebrated my 29th birthday (again)! Way to go Grandpa. Must….shop…for…baby gifts! Woo hoo!


Cool! Congratulations to you and your family :)

ps: I look forward to the video review :P


Thanks a bunch, everyone! Garf, I am way too young to be a granddad, that’s why my caricature looks so young. :)

My suggestion for the boy’s name has been rejected by the parents- Origami. They are going to name him UMPC instead.


Congratulations!! Your new grandchild as a cool grandad.

Our Children’s grandparents thought wireless radio, was a huge wood contraption that had a turntable on it and you listened to music, apparantly a wireless was all the range back in those day’s.

kind regards

Dean Frain

Anton P. Nym

Congratulations! Hope you have as much fun with small children as you do with small gadgets!

— Steve

Rob Bushway

Major congratulations to you and your entire family.

Wow…I guess you are a lot older than me :-)


Bruce MacLean

Congrats on the new addition to the family. You are now in the best position, you can enjoy them when their good and give them back when their not.

Tablet PC User

Congrats JK! Don’t spoil your grandson too much! hee hee hee…

Dave Rakowski

As my people say at a time like this: Mazel Tov!

If I were in Houston, I’d say “Mazel Tov y’all!” ;)

Congrats all around.

Dave Rakowski
Allentown, PA


Hey Gramps, Congratulations on being a grandpa! Your charicature doesn’t look a thing over 40. :)

All the best…

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