Intel Core Duo U2500 with a 9 W maximum!


Intel’s chip roadmap indicates the Yonah dual-core processor, the Intel Core Duo U2500, will operate at a maximum of 9 W.  Such low power consumption means we should soon see this jewel in all sorts of ultra-portable devices and UMPCs.  The low power consumption also makes for a processor that runs much cooler than current single core processors which is perfect for handheld devices with space constraints that usually means they run very hot.  The U2500 has a clock speed of 1.2 GHz which is right speedy for a dual core processor, now if we can just get Intel to lower the price of this puppy so OEMs can offer us high performance, low power consuming devices at a reasonable price.

Intel chip roadmap

(DailyTech via Tablet PC Corner)




Bill, depends totally on the price point. A new Intel processor is going to be big bucks.


What I think makes more sense, is the Asus delay. How great would an Asus UMPC with this in it be?


OEMs have a problem with Intel processors costing them so much. With UMPCs the biggest concern right now is getting the costs down as low as possible, which is why AmTek went with the Via processor and why we hear reports that Samsung is going to AMD. We really need Intel to lower their prices and if they did so significantly they would OWN the mobile computer market with this chipset.


How does this stack up with Q1 moving away from Intel ? Does not make sense ?

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