Intel Core Duo U2500 with a 9 W maximum!

Intel’s chip roadmap indicates the Yonah dual-core processor, the Intel Core Duo U2500, will operate at a maximum of 9 W.  Such low power consumption means we should soon see this jewel in all sorts of ultra-portable devices and UMPCs.  The low power consumption also makes for a processor that runs much cooler than current single core processors which is perfect for handheld devices with space constraints that usually means they run very hot.  The U2500 has a clock speed of 1.2 GHz which is right speedy for a dual core processor, now if we can just get Intel to lower the price of this puppy so OEMs can offer us high performance, low power consuming devices at a reasonable price.

Intel chip roadmap

(DailyTech via Tablet PC Corner)



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