Digital Music: Emmis-iTunes; Qtrax Relaunch; Clear Labels; Online Only; Locker Room


Emmis stations add iTunes stores to their websites: Emmis Communications is the first radio broadcaster to cut a deal to sell iTunes downloads; hip-hop stations WQHT (NY) and KPWR (LA) are the first in the chain with the iTunes’ affiliate stores.The co-branded stores are tailored to the station — for instance, the hip-hop selection is limited to the 200 or so artists on their playlists rather than the 540 that show up on iTunes. According to Music to Go, the stations that have opted for Windows Media sell 100-1,000 songs per week (quite a spread); the rev share could be as low as 5 percent but they get the traffic that otherwise might go to a standalone music store.
Defunct file-sharing network Qtrax to relaunch: It has inked a deal with EMI and aims to relaunch later this year as an ad-supported recording industry-friendly online music service. Qtrax was among several P2P services that emerged following the shutdown of Napster, but stopped after legal troubles.
MPs Want Download Clarity: Influential UK MPs called the All Party Parliamentary Internet Group want digital downloads to come with clear labeling that explains to consumers what can and can’t be done once it’s purchased. The report comes after a public inquiriy on DRM.
Limited Appeal? Sell Songs Online: Rhino will release an online-only album of Luna rarities; sales like this may be the only way some albums can make a profit.
Digital music finds some locker room: Several companies — Oboe, Streamload’s MediaMax, Navio — are banking on untethered music as the next frontier.

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