Rev up your XP or Tablet PC

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Hardware_profileBarry Doyle has a nice little weekend project over at TabletPC Review Spot and given that it IS the weekend, you might want to take a look. Barry figures that you don’t need all of the services that XP runs automatically, so he takes you step by step in creating a backup Hardware Profile (good move) and then reviewing and removing potentially unnecessary services that use up precious resources.

Among the services Barry identifies are:

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (svchost.exe)
Clipbook (clipsrv.exe)
Error Reporting Service (ERSvc)
IPSEC Services (Isass.exe)
Net Meeting  Remote Desktop Sharing (mnmsrvc.exe)
Network DDE (netdde.exe)
Performance Logs and Alerts (smlosvc.exe)
QoS RSVP (rsvp.exe)
Remote Registry Service (svchost.exe)
SSDP Discovery Service (svchost.exe)
TCP/IP Net BIOS Help Service (svchost.exe)
WMI Performance Adapter (wmiapsrv.exe)

Bear in mind that in your everyday usage, you might rely on one or more of these services. However, if you don’t, Barry gives you a smart, solid approach to removing them and allowing your computer to work more efficiently for you.


1 Comment

Aaron M. Hall

I want to point out that disabling the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will break Automatic Updates functionality and should NOT be disabled… Otherwise, I completely agree with his list.

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