Now Net2Phone Has Sued Skype


Few weeks after eBay (and Skype) were sued by Streamcast, there is news that Net2Phone, part of IDT, is suing Skype for patent violations. What kind? You can read the full complaint here. It is in PDF format. [via Gary @ Resource Shelf]



I’d been wondering when something like this would pop up as I remember using Net2Phone about 8 or so years ago. The quality was poor (probably due mostly to my cheap mic and the 28k connection speed), but it did what this “new” VOIP stuff does.

(Which of course isn’t to say that I think they can or should win, just that this seems to be one of the few times when there may be something to the case.)

John Doe 11

How could this patent be granted when there were (allegedly) loads of clients out there already doing what this patent presciribes.

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