New Sierra AirCard bumps HSDPA spped to 3.6 Mbps


Sierra AirCard 875Listener Steve Beller called in to a recent MobileTechRoundup show awhile driving down the freeway in his car nd left us a couple of messages using his Cingular HSDPA high speed connection and Skype.  He is impressed with the speed of the HSDPA service and mentioned he is using it with a Sierra AirCard provided by Cingular.  Sierra Wireless has upped the speed ante with the introduction of a new AirCard, the 875, that pushes the theoretical speed limit up to 3.6 Mbps.  That’s faster than many people get using their home ISP so the mobile scene is about to get really fast.  The AirCard 875 is a PC Card that can be used in most notebooks and Tablet PCs but not in the smaller devices like the UMPC due to the lack of a PC Card slot.  Hopefully OEMs will start putting the new ExpressCard slots on these devices since it is much smaller and easier to integrate into small units.  That would be awesome.

(via engadget)


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