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Time Warner’s Synergy-vs Adjacencies Spin

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WSJ has discovered Time Warner fiefdoms, and dubbed this as the TW’s new strategy: de-emphasizing synergy, and nwo calling it adjacencies. What a load of crapola…seriously. And it took the paper a front page story, and inordinate amount of words to figure that the fiefdoms failed to work with each other (it takes the example of Sports Illustrated trying to work with AOL Sports and being shrugged off by AOL people…and there are countless other examples: can’t work with AOL Finance; Fortune can’t work with Business 2.0; HBO can’t work with anyone, etc…), and now TW execs are taking that and figuring out that there’s no point trying to make them work together.
No, it is not just that it is late at night and I am tired and cranky after full two days at the D conference, but that such an incompetently written and edited story on such an important venue as WSJ’s front page gets through, at the same time that WSJ pulls off a very-well done digital/media conference. Here’s an idea: make Walt Mossberg read each of these kinds of stories…at least he’ll beat some sense into the reporters and editors.
OK, I’m done…