Steve: Skip iLife ’07


Steve, listen to a guy who teaches people iLife one on one everyday. Please take this year off and think hard about the iLife suite. I’ll forgo the year in exchange for a free downloaded update for more features/fixes to ’06.

Here is why:
10.5. 10.5 presumably is the middle child in a series of fine operating systems. Vista is coming out soon, and it’s a good chance Microsoft is going to push it’s hardware partners to promote it. A product Microsoft has put close to a decade into developing isn’t something they will not pay attention too.
Right now there is an edge into gaining some ground; Boot Camp and Intel help a lot, as well as the attention put into the Mac software up to this point(not just Apple there…). Perhaps but hard to prove, is the few million iPods sold over the last couple of years giving a bit of a boost in sales.

iLife ’06 is great in many aspects. As Thurrott said, unmatched in the PC world is iLife ’06. Apple could do us a favor and take this year off to work on just catching up to what this thing can do for us. Honestly, many .Mac members are not using the full capability of the service and I think a year of rest would help them find out just how convienient and fun it is to use.

We expect you to put out ’07 in six or eight months, and it will have iWeb 2 and more bling bling than Snoop D-O-Dubble-Guhzizzle. So do what is unexpected, give us a break on the upgrades! I would rather see Apple extend things than see iLife ’07. Where can you go on the web and get free or low cost themes for the iLife apps? People look to Apple for these, and are let down when they find that what the package comes with is all Apple provides. Why not create a portal on that hosts additional things for iLife such as themes, loops, and graphics?



I agree, the $$$ adds up over the years and I’d hate to think of how much it would’ve cost me if I didn’t just download the iLifes from Limewire or Bittorrent.


For marketing purposes, you need the ’07. People don’t want to buy last year’s software – no matter how good it is – especially if the company is focusing on bringing in new customers – and as stated, you don’t need to upgrade and it’s cheap anyay.

I think the best idea from the article hasn’t been discussed – a Portal for new Themes, SFX etc… or perhaps tools to create new themes – that would be incredible.

Imagine if iWeb plugged into a database of templates or iDVD plugged into a stock library of themes the same way iTunes plugs into the music store. How about iMove linking to a stock library of sound effects or video effects. I’d pay 99 cents for a good sound clip if I needed it.

And if Apple can handle the copyright issues with the music industry, they can handle it for anything.


I don’t need to worry about upgrading if I upgrade my Mac every year.

This AppleCrack…hmm.


There’d be no copyright issue to begin with. Apple publishes their stuff (loops, themes, sfx, etc.) royalty-free.

It would be great if the current bugs were fixed for the iLife ’07 release as well as new, simple (as to avoid bugs as best as possible) updates.

I also think that there should be an upgrade price, even though $79 is on the lower end.


Sorry… I don’t get your comment about “copyright problems might come in”…. that’s a risk you have ANY time you put something out there… web, CD or DVD distribution. But I don’t see the downside to doing it at all. What would Apple lose?…. nothing… what would they gain?… well, the question has been answered on here several times.


But if apple put up a themes site, they’ll have to create lots of themes and copyright problems might come in (like people taking parts of images).

I like the iLife yearly update, because you always know theres something new coming out. Windows is hell for anything to do with the creative works. Windows’ creativity is based around Apple Quicktime and iTunes in my opinion. The iLife package is attracting PC users to switch, so why slow down it’s activity? Along with Boot Camp it makes it a really good idea to switch over to Mac.


The Yearly up-dates is a good thing. Not to put down the author’s opinion, but personally its great to have a update every year even if that means spending a few dollars.

…but Apple should do up a site where we can get free themes, and stuff for out iLife suit. We deserve it.


You forget that ilife 06 added iweb – which is not for everyone but when i want to throw a website up there – hard to beat the look of iweb – most web HTML WYS apps cost anywhere from $25 to $49 (for novices) – other thn the wonky free Mozilla … so along with getting upgrades and better syncing, iweb is free …

for podcasters, garageband was a huge upgrade!

And because a weird flaw in iMovie 5, I still use imovie 04 which works just fine so thre’s no need to upgrade unless you need it.

But I still think new additions and upgraded features are nice if you want them – and franky, there is NOTHING like the combo on the PC – not for thousands of dollars … so ilife is a bargain either way …


I have to disagree with the Author. I love the annual updates. My only concern is that Apple will eventually make iLife overly complicated for new users. Keep it simple!


iLife is dirt, dirt cheap….. keep the upgrades coming.

oh… and toss in some of your suggestions as well… free downloadable themes, as well as the bug fixes. Personally, I love the yearly updates at such a cheap price. QA could use some tweaking, but overall I find the iLife experience excellent overall.


i agree with allen about quality shipments over more stuff-

“Great artists ship” but in what state? it’s important to not loose focus of what the customer wants, they do not want frequent crashes in ilife… it get’s boring real fast.
So get ilife up to speed quality wise before adding functions. A task force similar to Aperture.. now that would be a great update indeed!


Quantrix for Mac OS X is the replacement for Javelin!


Please have an iWork Spreadsheet compatible with Excel, but have the capabilities of Javelin, which I understand was bought by Oracle a while back.


I couldn’t agree more. I have been a mac user (and advocate) for over 20 years. I’ve never seen more feature rich but BUGGY software in my life.


Richard Dalziel-Sharpe

I would like to see a spreadsheet application (Excel compatible) for the iWork suite, then I could remove the pestilential Microsh@t effluent from my Mac


Regarding the ‘XP has been around since 2003’ post above. I just wanted to point out that XP was actually released in October of 2001. So that’s pretty much FIVE years!

Maybe yearly upgrades isn’t the greatest possible option, but it certainly beats 5 year cycles! Not only that but the products are better in general so as other people are saying you can skip upgrades without any problem.

I don’t see the issue, let me update it every year, maybe some of your wanted ‘extentions’ will be part of ’07.

Todd Baur

James I’m a consultant working with Apple. I have to upgrade every year otherwise I’m not very effective. No one is forcing anyone to upgrade, I don’t argue that. What I do believe is that Apple has a very nice chance to pick up customers right now, and the release of Vista reverses that a little (sure, this has yet to be seen since XP-R3-I-mean-Vista isn’t out yet…).
Secondly, I write this not on personal feeling or just to show off my opinion. This article idea came to me in coversation with an Apple customer who felt that they would have to get the new iLife if they wanted to be a .Mac member too. I know this isn’t the case, but the perceptions are out there in many forms should a 1 year iLife cycle continue indefinitely.

James Katt

You don’t have to upgrade.

If you like working with iLife 2006, keep using it. It also is already Universal so you can upgrade to an IntelMac and still use iLife 2006 at full speed.

I, myself, want Apple to continue upgrading iLife. This brings in more features and usibility and power such that iLife gets closer in usefulness to the professional applications. I find that highly desireable.

What gets to you is the “2006” label.

Whenever someone uses a year in the label of their product, consumers feel psychological pressure to upgrade when a new year come out.

It’s all psychological.

You’ll still be able to use iLife 2006 in 2010 – if you keep your computer that long.

I still have a 2001 Titanium Powerbook G4 running Mac OS 9, running 24/7, rarely crashing. It goes on and on and on. (The only thing that crashes it is if I use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer).

Wouldn’t it be surprising to know that Windows XP is actually Windows 2003? It’s been the same now for the past 3-4 years! Talk about lack of an upgrade!

If you want to stand pat with your version of iLife, do so.

I, myself, want upgrades and more upgrades. Yeah! Looking forward to 2007! Make it snappy, Apple!


Steve don’t even consider this request. There is a lot more yo can do to iLife, so keep it up. In fact, merge iWork and iLife together and add an iLife manager, along the lines of iTunes, release an iNumbers and iData as a Pro package. No point maintaining all these different SKUs.


I’m currently using iLife’05, and I’m not planning on upgrading until ’07 is released.My plan is to upgrade every other year.


Nobody is forcing anyone to upgrade anything. When Apple comes out with iLife ’07, your version of ’06 will continue to work.

Maybe you need some time off from upgrading. That is an okay choice and one that many will do.

As for Vista and its partners, I wouldn’t worry about it. It will only get closer to equaling features we OS X users have had for quite a while now but in the ease of use of the Mac.

Leopard a middle child? I wouldn’t bet on it. And you watch. I don’t think Apple is hiding in the bushes waiting to see what Vista will do. They will bring it straight on.


Here is the deal… Ilife is relatively cheap for what you get. Most companies charge you much more for similar capabilities but only come out every 3 years. Apple charges you roughly 1/3 or less of what it would cost you for those applications on a PC but they charge you that every year. I think it is a great idea.. Wish I could buy photoshop for that price and pay a yearly small amount vs. one large sum and no updates for 3 years. I kinda like getting new things yearly… Makes it fun. Go Apple!

Michael Collins

iLife ’06 won’t have a very nice ring to it when Apple’s trying to sell new machines in 2007. Especially once we get into the ’07 holiday shopping season. Jobs realizes this. Until Apple stops naming iLife by the year, expect to see yearly updates.

Steven Teskey

I totally agree, it’s not cool to have to upgrade every year, just so we can get a couple new features and a shiny new box. I’m tired of having to throw my hard earned dollars away like they’re out of style. Hopefully apple will take this to heart (doubt it) and extend updates for a long while.

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