D-Link’s VoWiFi phone has that retro cellphone look


Thinking they can take on the 802.11b/g VoIP offerings from Linksys and Netgear, D-Link appears to be ready to throw their phone into the wireless ring. Perusing the FCC site, we saw the D-Link "we don’t have a name yet, so insert model number here" entry all ready to be the phone of the future. But wait, what’s this? Does this look like the phone of tomorrow or a clamshell design that we’ve seen for several years?


Regardless of design, the phone does sport 16 MB of memory, can receive POP & SMTP e-mail (although it would be a bit difficult to reply), and boasts an indoor range of the expected 20m to 50m. Outdoors, you can wander up to 250m away from your local WLAN, but after that, you’re better off with a carrier pigeon. Watch for details on pricing and availability; a completely underwhelming color pic follows.





First of all, this is not a GSM+WiFi phone because people are so damn cheap. It is hard for manufacturers to add new features or converge different products, because the average person, is just plain cheap.

You and I would jump at a product with GSM+WiFi, but would the average person?

A company cannot create a product on the highest common denominator, they have to create it for the lowest common denominator.

That is why the hottest selling wi-fi routers are the $20 crappy versions. The highest volume products are not draft N with Gig ports and QoS. People are just too cheap. So, manufacturers have to dumb down products, so they will sell.

Jason K

Why not a hybrid GSM+Wifi… That would make it an instant seller for me. Or should I get my glasses and is that actually what this is?

Peace out

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