Asus R2H UMPC getting a Core Duo?

So we DO know that Asus pushed back their entry into the UMPC market until later this summer. Do we know the real reason though? Paperback PC is reporting that the Asus R2H UMPC model might surprise us with an Intel Core Duo processor running at 1.5 GHz. This could be an interesting shot across Samsung’s bow IF it’s true and IF the R2H comes in at a price that’s competitive to the Q1.


As a seven-day Q1 owner, my thoughts are "Sure more power would be nice", but so far there hasn’t been a single time where the Q1 hasn’t met my needs due to its 900 MHz Celeron. We all want more for less; that’s human nature, but up to this point, "more" hasn’t been a necessity. Perhaps I’ll change my mind if Asus gets the Core Duo in the R2H at a similar price point to the Q1.



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