Tablet PC tip: enabling ink in Outlook e-mail

I was having some e-mail conversation with a jkOTR reader and fellow Tablet PC owner over the past few days and after several correspondences, I got the following question in a note: "How are you inking your e-mails?"

It hit me that although Outlook 2003 (and 2007) natively supports inking, a user could actually disable it without realizing it was disabled and here’s why: in order to ink your e-mails, Word has to be your default e-mail editor. Hmm…not very intuitive, is it? If a Tablet PC owner decides not to use Word as the e-mail editor, they may not realize they’ve just decided not to ink their e-mails as well!


Regardless of whether this is intuitive or not, it’s a simple fix. In Outlook 2003, just click Tools, Options, Mail Format for the checkbox to enable Word as your default editor. Once you’ve applied that change, you should see a pen icon in the toolbar that you can tap at will to change from text entry to ink entry in your e-mail. There’s nothing like inking a handwritten note on a Tablet PC!



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