Sony Reader impresses Barron’s; me: not so much

Sony_reader_1 Sony got a chance to show off the previously announced Sony Reader yesterday at a Wall Street Journal conference; Eric Savitz indicates that the eBook device "came across as a compelling product." Is that really enough, however? Does the fact that it does one function particularly well justify the expected $300 to $400 price tag?

Aside from a relatively high price for a single application, the cost savings on the content looks to be about 25% for the consumer. There are cheaper content options that won’t have to deal with Sony’s proprietary DRM, plus those options allow for the content to be on multiple devices, so I’m not yet sold. Head honcho of Sony, Howard Stringer, states "the success of the device will depend in large part on consumer acceptance", but I’d disagree. Consumers have already started to accept digital content on devices; will they accept this price point for one function? Will they accept content they purchase to be on a single device only? Sorry Sir Howard, but I respectfully believe you’re pinning the success of the device on the wrong factors.

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