Google Magazine Ad Sales: So Far, No Good


I should have highlighted this bit from Google’s analyst call Wednesday in my first post … The Google print ad trial is not faring well. MediaPost reports that Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP-product management, would list the trial among the company’s greatest disappointments in the last six months. Rosenberg said the company would work on better integrating the ads and the medium.
More on ads from Google CEO Eric Schmidt: “We’ve talked about the expansion into video and video ads, and eventually into television. … My guess is for each of these new major media initiatives, we’ll have a few cycles of trying to find the right combination of advertiser product, targeting product, and business model that really takes off.”
Update: has the transcript
. Rosenberg was responding to a query about new products that have execced expectations or disappointed in the last six months. He identified Keyhole’s integration Local as the biggest success and print as “an example maybe of something that hasn’t proceeded as expeditiously as we might have otherwise hoped.”
Also, this from Schmidt about click-to-play video ads: “One of the things that we have noticed in

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