Free WiFi on a UK train, plus an English lesson


Apparently, my English isn’t so good. For instance, when I read this article, I had no idea that GNER was a UK-based rail transportation entity. Even worse: when I saw the word "chuffed" in the article, all I could think of is how to describe a chimney sweep that fell down the shaft. "Did you hear about poor old Charlie? He leaned in too far and got chuffed!"


Anyway, chuffed must mean "really excited" since GNER is providing free WiFi on a trial basis for their summer riders. Passengers simply enable WiFi on their mobile device, open a browser and GNER will do the rest. Each train is equipped with both a satellite dish and cellular antenna for 3G and GPRS connectivity, which is then routed as needed to the passengers throughout the train. Wow, if I had this kind of rig on my vehicle, I suppose I’d be chuffed too.




At least with WiFi on the train you have something to do when it is delayed for hours like they normally are. I hope they provide power sockets to power your devices from.

I think GNER stands for ‘Grim-up North England Railway’ :-)

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks Dave! That gives even more credence to my chimney sweep falling down example too. He’d likely be “dead” chuffed from the fall in my interpretation! ;)

dave t

And in the UK we also add ‘dead’ to enhance the excitment ie ‘I were dead chuffed that the Queen came to tea’

As Churchill once said ‘America and Britain – two nations divided by a common language’!!

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