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EMI’s Politics and Ted’s Departure

Couple of schools of thought (based, in part, on the e-mails I have received since our first report appeared) on Ted Cohen’s departure from EMI, and starting his own consultancy.
One is that he had become so high profile — and synonymous with EMI’s digital successes — that some execs resented it/fretted that he might be a distraction from the overall corporate mission within the still rather staid mainly-British culture EMI. From that perspective, better for him to leave. (And, if that was the atmosphere, better for him to go.) But they don’t want him to go too far — the consulting arrangement includes having him represent EMI with various trade groups.
The other school of thought: Cohen’s role shifted as EMI evolved in recent years and its digital strategy matured, making him less central. Adam Klein joined EMI Group as EVP-strategy and biz dev in 2004 with a portfolio that included digital; Klein and SVP Ken Parks report to David Munns, chairman and CEO of EMI Music North America. Recently promoted Tom Ryan is making deals in the digital and mobile space. Where did that leave Cohen? With his greatest direct impact at EMI in the past.
Of course, the two schools aren’t mutually exclusive. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated on the post-Ted happenings at EMI…