Cingular’s “Say My Name” Answertones


Cingular has signed up with Warner Music for a series of Answertones (which people hear when they call you instead of the ring-ring noise) with “an audio clip of a popular song, celebrity voice, joke or quote” from WMG. Standard fare, but the four-week “Say My Name” promotion (which Cingular has exclusively) has answertones “for many of today’s most popular names…Cingular customers simply find their name among the “Say My
Name” Answer Tones and then select the WMG artist who they would like to
greet their callers.”
To give you an idea, here’s Juvenile’s recording: “Wassup, this ya boy Juve The Great, Juvenile that is, and look, you ain’t gonna believe this; Jennifer can’t find her cell phone! Again! That’s right. It might be buried in her purse, maybe she left it at home, but I can assure you, right now she’s trying hard to find it and answer this call. While she’s looking,
that means you gotta listen to my voice for a while.”
They’ll cost $1.99, with a 99c monthly service charge. Cingular has the ability to assign tones to a specific phone number or group, so it might be able to sell more if the personalized tones were directed at the caller — that is, the caller hears their own name.

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