Chicago police get Segways, portable siren not included


Chicago_segwayIf you perform an act of crime in Chicago, you better make sure you can run faster than 12.5 mph. Why? That’s the top speed of a Segway, and Chicago’s finest just got ’em. Since the city only had $500,000 to spend on mobile crime prevention, RoboCop was clearly too costly. Instead, they opted for the i180 Police model Segway, which doubles the standard range by including two batteries. The boys and girls in blue will have enough juice to stand around for 24 miles, which ought to provide plenty of battery life for running down robbers with little effort.

Oh, and if you were curious who this fine fellow to the right is looking for, just click the jump. There’s a whole caravan of hoodlums on slower Segways and you might recognize their evil boss at the front of the pack.




Kevin C. Tofel

Good questions Dennis. I actually think they took the wrong approach. My preference would be to give the bad guys the Segways. This way you could catch them on a skateboard, rollerblades or a bike without risking innocents to a high-speed chase. ;)

Dennis Rice

Hmmm, let’s see. Now to really make this thing work, they need a GPS,a UMPC, an EVDO card, just to mention a couple of things. Then they need a way to keep all that portable gear from getting ripped off. I mean, if it does, who they gonna call? The Police? :-)


This is so funny. What happens if the criminal run up a flight of stairs? ;)


Ummm I think the portable siren is included. And it’s lot’s cheaper than buying SUVs.

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