I could not stop laughing when I read this quote:

Thurrott writes. “The MacBook comes with Apple’s reliable Mac OS X and the highly recommended iLife suite of digital-media applications, which are without peer in the Windows world. That said, one of the first things I did when I got the MacBook was download and install Boot Camp, Apple’s dual-boot utility that lets you install—get this—Windows XP on any of the company’s Intel-based Macs… That’s right, this MacBook is now running XP Professional.”

That’s right – OS X’s stability and unmatched pairing of iLife is so fantastic, it just makes me want to install Windows XP!



I think putting the Boot Camp in to the new Mac is a wonderful addition to the Mac.

I have been a MS user from the past 25 years, right from the DOS… but have switch to the Mac when Tiger came out. Never touched a Windows system after I got the Mac. But people like me are few! Most of my friends would want to have the facility to be able to run windows so that they can cuntinue to work on their old accounting packages that were developed on Windows. VirtualPC was an option, but it was too slow.


I’m sure it will convert people but not the people Apple needs to appeal to, enterprise users. Once those people are convinced, they will flocks. Which will spell our doom as Mac users… Rremember, Windows is still not fully appreciated in the enterprise that still favors Unix and Linux.

On another note, please remember that Europe was using Hemi engines when we were playing with side vavles. Case in point, Alfa Romeo 1920 engines were Hemi engines, aluminum and double over-head cams and the newer versions still get to this day better gas mileadge than our dead detroit brain tank cmes up with.


“BootCamp is the only way I felt comfortable switching.”

So Apple was very smart releasing it then. I wonder how many Windows Switchers install WinXp on their brand-new Intel Macs, boot it up a couple of times and then forget about it, but still keep it around to have the feeling of “security”, of something already known that they can fall back on when they are scared, until they feel confident enough and have learned how to handle well OS X and finally remove the virus annex OS. And then Apple has gained another fan of OS X. It really was a brilliant idea to release Boot Camp early. You just say to the potential switcher “You can run Windows on it too…” and they’ll start to fall in love immediately. Amazing how this actually works, 3 Windows people I’ve told this are already drooling for a MacBook.

Todd Baur

Oh, and if you read this Mr. Thurrott I’ve read your stuff for years. Here is my pass to you to poke fun at me. It’s all just fun =)

Todd Baur

This isn’t a plot to match Windows and OS X stability. It’s the point that he says how great OS X/iLife is, and get this, you can install Windows XP. Apply this to two other products:

“The Magnum comes with Dodges reliable HEMI and the highly recommended Comfort suite of driver comforting applications, which are without peer in the auto world. That said, one of the first things I did when I got the Magnum was remove the engine and install a 357, Chrysler’s pre-hemi technology that lets you —get this— use even more gas than the HEMI. That’s right, this Magnum is now running a 357.”

So, you can see how crazy this sounds. As silly as it is, I’m doing the same thing right now!

Chris Biagini

My personal favorite Thurrott quote:

…Exposé is a weird solution, requiring you to hit various “hot keys” (read: A function keys [sic]) in order to trigger its display, kind of a throwback of sorts to the early days of DOS-based applications.

It takes a special kind of crazy to write that.


I’m still not awake, is this a dream? or a nightmare?

If I could run on the fly a session of Windows when I am forced to by some ill-thinking IT decision maker that everything must go through a Windows centric browser, then I will consider it.

I work in real estate and this industry, like many others has sold its soul to MS. I need to run a parallele instance of Windows when I need, when I want it and quickly. Yes, I have heard of Parallele. However, I am not yet ready to buy a new laptop.


I don’t get it why does it always have to be the one against the other?
He goes on to say
“Overall, I’m quite satisfied.” and
“Apple has a winner on its hands”,
“You might just find your perfect notebook, whether you prefer Windows or Mac OS X.” ,
“the performance has been incredible, quite a bit better than any of the low-end Windows notebooks I’ve tried over the years…”
What the hell is funny about it?
That is exactly why bootcamp was created, so that users running Mac and/or windows could do so on Mac hardware.

From where i’m standing i hear: apple has hardware it comes with a great OS and now it got even better because even windows or users of both OS’s can use a Mac.
Stop bitching about everything that has to do with windows, it’s just getting old.
Find something new and interesting to talk about.
Maybe you could just exept that bootcamp was a good move for apple?

Rich Schmidt

I just purchased my first-ever Mac off eBay last night – a MacBook Pro. I’ll be installing Windows XP on it to use some of the Windows-only software I have to use for work. Hopefully over time I’ll be able to move away from those, but for the time being I need ’em. It should ease the transition for me, too, since I can use the old (Win) stuff while I learn the new (Mac) stuff.

BootCamp is the only way I felt comfortable switching.


“That’s right – OS X’s stability and unmatched pairing of iLife is so fantastic, it just makes me want to install Windows X”

What does Mac OS X’s stability have to do with windows xp??? Nothing. i assume … You just want to have the good and the bad.


I just bought my first Mac ever – a MacBook, to get away from Windows. I have no plans to install Windows/BootCamp on my machine!

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