Orange’s Triple Play; Will Rebrand Services Under Single Name


We hear a lot about about triple and quad plays here in the U.S. as cable and phone companies seek both convergance and bundled billing in return getting more money — and more undivided attention from their subscribers. Now France Telecom’s Orange is taking the quad play route: a triple play of mobile, landline and internet to start with TV to be added. It also will rebrand its services in 23 countries under the “Orange” brand.
Orange CEO Sanjiv Ahuja explains via BBC News: “What we are about is a communications business, not just mobile communications but all our customers’ communication needs whether it’s voice, information or entertainment.” To that end, Orange will trial a single handset for landline, mobile and VoIP. It’s also making some interesting and quite aggressive offers including free broadband access in the UK for subscribers committing to at least 30 pounds a month for mobile for 18 months. Upcoming plans include music, gaming and home TV service. Press release.

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