Kyocera KR1 EV-DO Router review: PCMag

Kr1PCMag got their mitts on the Kyocera KR1 mobile router and has a full review for those of you that want to "be" the hotspot. Using an EV-DO modem card, you can share your wireless Internet connection with your best buds. If you don’t have an EV-DO card, but do have an EV-DO enabled cellular phone, the KR1 will work with that too. The router supports 54 Mbps 802.11g clients, which is a little overkill on the speed since EV-DO tops out with bursts of 1.5 to 2 Mbps. Still, if you’ve got the urge to share your wireless connection and can pay the suggested retail of $299.99, the KR1 looks like a winner. I think I’m going to get one for my car and then change my license plate to "HOTSPOT".

Thanks for the tip, Dave!



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