Sync Google Calendar and a mobile device with CompanionLink

Google_cal_synchRemember when Google Calendar hit the web? What does a mobile technologist like me do but try and run it on a Windows Mobile 5 device; it didn’t work for me back then so I was happy to see Dave Ciccone mention CompanionLink for Google Calendar. I’m hooked up with my hosted Microsoft Exchange server, so this isn’t a solution for me personally, but if I wanted to go sans Exchange, this might be a good option.

For $29.95, CompanionLink for Google Calendar offers the following:

  • Two-way synchronization between your mobile device or desktop calendar system and Google Calendar
    • changes made on either your mobile device or in your desktop calendar program will automatically synchronize with Google Calendar
    • changes made in Google Calendar will automatically synchronize with your mobile device and desktop calendar program
  • Fastest sync solution available for Google Calendar
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • FREE, live technical support for as long as you own the product

If you’re a Google Calendar addict, you might want to check out the 14-day free trial to see if you can get your Google on while out and about with your Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Palm device.



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