Fujitsu Siemens adds HSDPA to the Q2010 Lifebook


Q2010_1Aside from great beer, those Austrians will have high-speed wireless connectivity in their notebook computers; the 18-millimeter thin Fujitsu Siemens Q2010 Lifebooks to be precise. Through a T-Mobile Austria partnership, the Q2010 will have an integrated HSDPA radio which should top out around 1.8 Mbps on the bandwidth meter; average everyday use for HSDPA is marginally faster than current EV-DO speeds here in the States.

The Q2010 isn’t all just wireless speed though; this package is pretty pumped with other prime prowess as well. Just 2.2 pounds with a glossy 12.1-inch WXGA screen, the Q2010 runs on the Intel Centrino platform and has integrated Bluetooth and WiFi. Fujitsu Siemens throws in slots for a PC Express card, a SIM card and an SD card, and it can handle up to a GB of RAM. Did we mention the integrated optical drive in this mighty-mite too?


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