FT Adds Layers To Online Reading


FT recently announced it was changing the distribution pattern for third-party distribution by adding 12 hours to what is now a current 12 hour delay. That change takes affect Sept. 1. In the meantime, FT.com seems to be using access to court potential subscribers. Following a link just now from Yahoo Finance News, I saw the start of an article — a scant four paragraphs — than was told to click on Page 2 to read more. (The article on social networking was posted Monday night.) Instead of a “subscribe to read this” dead end, that click took me to an interstitial screen fashioned like the daypass used on Salon.com. Headline: “Before you finish reading this news story, first consider a special offer from FT.com.” The offer is an $8.25 a month subscription “to take advantage of the full power of FT.com and read the remainder of this article. Click ‘no thanks’ to view the remainder of the article.” A rotating billboard shows off various FT.com features. The fee covers a Level 1 subscription, usually $9.20 a month.
Maybe FT.com could consider an ad-supported daypass as an option for same-day access to articles.

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