Educate. Recycle. Get Paid.

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If you’re affiliated with an educational institution, I would encourage you to take advantage of Apple’s commitment to the environment. On the 24th, I recieved this email notifying me that the Educational Recylcing program will grant money to institutions who turn in their old Apple gear in exchange for new. Below are some nice exceprts from the FAQ:

“How is the value of my equipment determined?
Used equipment value is based on three main factors:

System configuration
Equipment condition
Supply and demand within the secondary or used electronics market”

Best of all:
“Can I trade in Windows machines?
Yes. Both Apple and non-Apple systems are accepted.”

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Jason Terhorst

This is only for schools, not individuals. I’m sure my Uni will be happy, since they’re replacing all of their old G4 towers with iMacs.

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