Chris Pirillo asks: why isn’t Calculator Plus in Vista?


Calc_plus Actually, Chris asks much more than that in his two lists of issues with Microsoft Vista; both this one and this one are good reads. In the recent list, Chris asks why  Microsoft Calculator Plus isn’t included with Vista (a valid question) and although we mentioned this app way back in 2004, it’s probably worth another mention.

Calculator Plus is basically the standard Microsoft Calculator on steroids. There’s the standard functionality, but two additional calculators as well: Scientific and Conversion. I’ve never needed the Scientific functions and to be honest, once I saw the trigonometry buttons, I started to have scary flashbacks of high-school math. (Once and for all: I was NOT the one that taped the "Math Nerd" sign to your back, Mrs. Abbondanza!)

The Conversion calc is choc’-full-o’ measures and is really handy. If you’re on-line at home or have some wireless connectivity on a mobile device, there are plenty of other sites that can help with conversions; Online Conversion comes to mind for most measures and XE is great for currency conversion. For the times when you’re untethered, consider Microsoft Calculator Plus. It’s a free download and if Microsoft doesn’t include it in Vista, well…you could always add it yourself with this link.


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