Cell Carriers Seek Growth by Catering to Hispanics (NYT Reg)

NYT has an article covering the way Sprint and Verizon are marketing to the Hispanic market, which is desirable because they tend to talk longer and have large, geographically disperse families. “On average, Hispanic cellphone customers spend 975 minutes a month talking on their phones, more than 50 percent longer than white customers, according to Telephia, a market research firm. Blacks use 1,210 minutes a month, but the Hispanic population is growing faster and, according to Mr. Rainie, is more likely to use phones to take pictures, send text messages and surf the Internet.”
There are a couple of examples as to why Hispanics use more minutes, and they seem to be carefully chosen to illustrate the differences within the sector, something which was spelled out explicitly: “Though the cellphone carriers and market researchers often lump Hispanics into one big mass of about 40 million people, the label covers a broad spectrum. Some use Spanish as a primary language, while others are strictly English speakers. There are recent immigrants, undocumented workers and millions of long-established Americans in every walk of life and at every income level.”