41% discount on SPB’s best mobile apps


Bundle_screen_1I know we’ve tooted the horn for SPB Software House in the past; simply put: they make some of the best applications for Windows Mobile devices on the market today. So when I saw this 41% off deal from PocketGear, I felt obliged to share. NOTE: We have no financial or business relationship with SPB or PocketGear, so I’m not passing this deal along for any financial incentive. The software is just that good.

PocketGear has what they’re calling the "SPB Five-Star Bundle" for a price of $37.99. The bundle includes three great applications for your Windows Mobile device:

PocketPlus is one of the first installed and most used apps on my Windows Mobile devices; it’s that good and provides tons of key functionality like tabular access to your programs, a battery meter and a real "Close" button. Weather integrates directly with PocketPlus as well, so that’s a nice combo. Finance is no slouch either and is great for managing you money on the go, plus it supports the QIF file-type used in Quicken.

If you have a Windows Mobile device, I highly recommend you try each of these apps at the links provided; there are free trials for all of them. If you like ’em, you still have time to purchase the bundle at a 41% discount through PocketGear by June 7th.


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