What are you doing at 3pm today?


Ribbon_small2Sorry for the off-topic post, but it is a national holiday today here in the United States. I found some interesting information regarding Memorial Day and thought to briefly share.

– I read in the Sunday paper that over 1,000,000 Americans have died in wars since 1775.
– When children were touring the U.S. Capitol and were asked what Memorial Day means, they responded "That’s the day the pool opens."
– A Gallup Poll indicates that only 28% of respondents knew the meaning of this holiday.

Today at 3pm local time, Congress has asked that Americans observe a moment of remembrance; one minute of silence to respect the many who lost their lives. By all means, enjoy this day off by spending time with your family and friends; let’s just not forget those who won’t enjoy today so that you can.

(via the White House Commission on Remembrance)

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