Vistagami in 2007? See it here in 2006.

Vistagami_1_1 I guess CNET isn’t as crazy edgy as us. Last week, they reported Microsoft’s intent for "Vistagami" machines next year. Since I’ve already publicly declared "I must be nuts", there’s really no harm in partitioning off 20 gig or so on the Q1 and giving Vista Beta 2 a try, is there?

Sure enough, the install went without a hitch, just like the Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor predicted. Couple key items of note:

  • The install did take longer on the Q1 than on other machines I have; I attribute that to the slower 4200 RPM drive in the Q1, less RAM, etc…
  • Calibration was off in Vista by about a quarter-inch; there appears no easy way to fix it natively, so it may require some additional software from Samsung or Intel.
  • Speaking of Samsung software, none of the hardware buttons are working in Vista. No screen resolution switcher and no on-screen menus.
  • When setting up the first user account, there was no visible TIP so I couldn’t ink anything. Since you can’t get past this screen without some entry, I had to plug in a USB keyboard to proceed.
  • Overall, the Vista OS is a little more sluggish vs. the XP OS. I see slight lags with menus and new windows opening; likely due to the more intense requirements needed by the graphical presentation layer.

I won’t kid anyone by saying that Vista just screams on the Samsung Q1; it doesn’t. Still, the effect of carrying Vista around and using it with just one hand is pretty amazing.



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