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MEM 2006: Waiting For The Killer Mobile Content Management App

Not much insight in the sparsely-attended session on content management solutions, although there was a small amount of finger pointing about who exactly is holding up the development of more user-friendly interfaces. The industry is waiting for a content management system that pulls in content from different sources without needing to prepare it in advance for that particular platform. There’s a consensus that operators would do far better to outsource their content management, particularly on the editorial side – that producers should concentrate on producing content and operators should concentrate on operating networks. It’s a headache and a cost centre they could do without. “You can’t underestimate the influence of the backend on what is delivered to the consumer,” said Matt Hooper, director of product management at Qualcomm. “If you don’t have a good content management system you can’t push compelling content to consumers. They are struggling with usability and that has to be developed at the backend.” He said user experience isn’t necessarily bad exactly, but that improving it is complicated by competing operating systems on a huge range of devices.

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.