Free anti-virus applications


Avast_1Looks like I’ve used up my three instances of Microsoft OneCare, which is a real bummer because the UMPC is PC number four. I could install Norton AntiVirus since I own a license and have removed it from the other computers in the stables. What if you needed some anti-virus software and didn’t want to "anti" up any dough? Geekzone mentions two free options mainly for Windows Vista beta testers, but at least one of the options will also run on Windows XP:

Avast! Home Edition is free for home, non-commercial users and runs on Windows 95 and up.
CA is offering a free one-year subscription to EZ-AntiVirus for Windows Vista testers.

Got any other options to add to the free anti-virus list?




Yet another AVG Vote… I have actually had it catch virii, therefore I KNOW it works!

Marc Orchant

Another vote for AVG – it’s what I install on all the friends and family machines I maintain. It’s simple to set up and configure, regulalry updated, and not one PC I’ve put it on has had any virus-related problems.


I’ve got AntiVir installed in Vista 5384 (my TPC is dual booting TPCE & Vista). I’m not sure it’s working very well.

Dave Zatz

I second AVG. The interface is a bit dated, but it seems to work. I’ve got it running on two machines.

prof hawk

Google Pack gives you Norton Antivirus 2005 Special Edition with 6 months of updates for free. It’s not as much as the 12 months of other offerings, but Norton is considered a really good quality antivirus.

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