eBooks on a keychain


BookFobIf you regularly read ebooks on a mobile device then you are familiar with the utility provided with having many books with you all the time.  You are free to grab a few down time moments with a good book when the opportunity presents itself.  If you regularly find yourself using multiple computers and would like to read that book you just obtained on all of them then you might find a use for an interesting product, the BookFob.  The BookFob is essentially a flash memory drive on a keychain that also contains a pre-installed ebook reader.  Each BookFob has a unique ID that allows the owner to read the encrypted book content without being able to copy it to another device.  The BookFob web site has a few books that can be purchased for use with the reader, although most of them look like public domain works.  The reader works on HTML format and no pricing is available on the BookFob web site.

(via TRFJ)


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