The Shorter, Faster, Cruder, Tinier TV Show

NYT has a 7-page article on mobile TV, focusing mostly on MTV and the question of whether it knows what young men want to watch on their mobile phones. It’s focusing on Hip Hop, which is probably a good start. There was also a reference to a projection by ABI Research that the worldwide market for mobile phones will be $27 billion by 2010.
Some interesting tidbits:
–“For television veterans, the advance of cellphone television makes for competing anxieties. They’re worried that they may be moving far too slowly, but they’re anxious, too, that they could be moving in the wrong direction.”
–“I’m going to have to ask you two guys to stand a little bit, um, unnaturally close to each other.”
–“Greg Clayman, vice president of wireless strategy and operations for MTV Networks â