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The Future Of Music Is Digital (sub. required) also speaks to Sudhanshu Sarronwala, CEO of Singapore-based Soundbuzz, who thinks India’s music sector could be poised for explosive growth if digital technology is embraced. Sarronwala said that India has many factors favouring a fast-forward.
They include “a vibrant music industry closely connected with the local movie sector; a legal regime for digital downloading that is on a par with Australia’s sector-leading legislation; a distribution platform growing at 5 million cellphone subscribers per month; the availability of capital for development; and an FM radio market in its infancy”.
According to V.J. Lazarus, president of trade association Indian Music Industry, “music will next benefit from widespread local deployment of broadband internet, which will allow growth of specialist digital download services, and from development of full-track downloads to phones. “Music has been looking for a new carrier, at 23 years CDs have been around for too long,” Lazarus said.