The worst of the worst

3 Comments has a great list of the worst the tech sect has delivered to the masses. I only write about here because, at number 17 is the ultraportable 16-pound Macintosh Portable. This beast was the king of carry-ons, the envy of all airplane passengers. It cost $6500 too, making it affordable for three or four people.
Outside of that, this is a list that just makes me smile at some of the hairbrain ideas that made it to fruition and national attention. Ah, dot com where did you go?



today is a lonely and hopeless sunday. i hope that will change, though, so it’s not entirely hopeless! hahaha. even on sundays i can laugh

at my dad’s college there was a rule back in the 50s that you couldn’t dance on sunday.

i’m worried about net neutrality and corporate rape. but really that’s always a threat, it’s just that this time it’s come so close to home.



I waited in line to buy the Mac Protable. It may seem like a mistake now, but I used it constantly. Finally, I could take my work home with me. It got several years of hard use.


Well it might have been heavy and overpriced but for the time… a powerfull “little” thing.

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