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Qualcomm Develops Unified Mobile TV Chip, Suports MediaFlo And DVB-H

This is a shocker: Qualcomm, which has plunked down $800 million in developing and pushing its own mobile TV format (MediaFlo), has also launched a single-chip Universal Broadcast Modem (UBM) solution, supporting all of the three main mobile broadcast standards. It integrates/supports MediaFlo, DVB-H and Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting — Terrestrial (ISDB-T).
If I understand this right, in U.S., the chip will be optimized for MediaFlo and outside U.S. would be for other standards. Designed to be compatible with both CDMA2000 and WCDMA/UMTS devices, the UBM solution is expected to sample in the first quarter of 2007.
I am not sure of the implications of this (does that mean Qcom has admitted that MediaFlo will be impossible outside U.S. and it makes sense to make any which way, even if it means co-opting competing standards?)…or is this standard Qcom practice? Any ideas?
More info here and in the release here.