Q1 connectivity on the road: look Ma! no wires!


Samsung_q1_2Now that I’ve had some play-time with the Q1, I figured I could tackle some of the usage scenarios you provided. I won’t inundate the blog with bunches of these at a time; after all, there’s other great mobile tech news going on! Let’s start with one of the most desired features: connectivity on the road.

I’m actually writing this post on the Samsung Q1 and I’m not at home. I’m not at a WiFi hotspot and I’m not wired to a LAN either. So how is this working? If you can read this post, it’s because I’m using the EV-DO radio in my XV6700 smartphone over a wireless Bluetooth connection! I’m using software called PdaNet and I did have to mod some phone settings, but it does work well. Since every phone is different, I won’t outline the step-by-step; suffice it to say that with the right 3G setup, you can keep the Samsung Q1 "wired" without the wires! Remember that a wired USB connection is typically much faster than a Bluetooth connection; with the UMPC wired to the phone, the connection is just as fast as the EV-DO PC card connection in my M205 tablet; still, the wireless Bluetooth speeds are very usable unless you plan to download large files.



Kevin C. Tofel

Steve, ideally some type of integrated 3G data connectivity option would be nice for UMPCs; in fact, I would expect to see that in say, 2nd or 3rd gen. I don’t think having embedded 3G radios should be standard just yet. Not everyone wants them plus the radio could tie you to a cellular carrier that you don’t have a business relationship with. I see your point in the promo clip, but like most promos, they’re showing the full capabilities of the device. It can do what they show, but they’re not showing you how. ;) If you think about it, the UMPCs out of the box have the same connectivity options as 98% of the laptops on the market, which lives up to the UMPC acronym. Now if they called them ACUMPC (Always Connected UMPCs), then I would fully expect connectivity pretty much everywhere via some native option. Actually, I don’t like ACUMPC; I like your acronym much better. ;)

Steven Snell

Kevin, do you think that the UMPC’s should come with an EVDO card already installed? I mean UMPC stands for ‘Ultra Mobile PC’ but they’re not always connected. Maybe they should be called UMALAYHADSYCSCAUTDTWOMMOYC-PC (‘Ultra Mobile As Long As You Have Another Device So You Can Stay Connected And Use The Device The Way Our Marketing Makes Out You Can – PC’). Probably won’t catch on.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to get one of these devices. But just watch the Microsoft promo clip (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/umpc/default.mspx) to see the guy on the subway/train using the UMPC to communicate with his friends. To me, that’s misleading.

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