Q1 connectivity on the road: look Ma! no wires!

Samsung_q1_2Now that I’ve had some play-time with the Q1, I figured I could tackle some of the usage scenarios you provided. I won’t inundate the blog with bunches of these at a time; after all, there’s other great mobile tech news going on! Let’s start with one of the most desired features: connectivity on the road.

I’m actually writing this post on the Samsung Q1 and I’m not at home. I’m not at a WiFi hotspot and I’m not wired to a LAN either. So how is this working? If you can read this post, it’s because I’m using the EV-DO radio in my XV6700 smartphone over a wireless Bluetooth connection! I’m using software called PdaNet and I did have to mod some phone settings, but it does work well. Since every phone is different, I won’t outline the step-by-step; suffice it to say that with the right 3G setup, you can keep the Samsung Q1 "wired" without the wires! Remember that a wired USB connection is typically much faster than a Bluetooth connection; with the UMPC wired to the phone, the connection is just as fast as the EV-DO PC card connection in my M205 tablet; still, the wireless Bluetooth speeds are very usable unless you plan to download large files.



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