OQO makes the top 25 list (of worst tech)


Oqo_model1Dan Tynan’s list over at PC World isn’t a list you want to be on right now. Dan has the "25 Worst Tech Products of All Time" and it looks like the OQO Model 1 comes in at number 19. Yikes! I’d call this a little harsh because the OQO is definitely a pre-cursor to the first-gen UMPCs we’re starting to see. The OQO only has a few issues, but the problem might be that the impacts of those issues are just too big. Time will tell.

I was actually disappointed to see "PointCast" on the list; I remember this information service that pushed customized data to me in the mid-90’s. Yes, it got bandwidth intensive and yes the ads got too much to bear. Perhaps it shouldn’t be considered "worst tech", but "tech before it’s time". Think about it: bandwidth issues are becoming much less troublesome and we still deal with on-line ads. Although not a protocol or standard, the PointCast service very much paralleled an exploding technology of today: namely, RSS.

If you’ve got time over the holiday weekend, drop over to PC World and check out Dan’s list. I’d say he nailed the others that made the cut.


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