TiEcon 2006: Podcast Coverage


Wahindia.com has a whole series of podcasts with venture capitalists and industry veterans who attended the TiEcon 2006 recently held in Santa Clara, California. I listened to a couple of them.
For instance, I listened to the interview with John Doerr, an iconic VC with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He said in India he will bet on wireless and internet space, besides biotech and life sciences. “I was in India six weeks ago. There is a clear shortage of startup capital in India,” Doerr said.
There is Biren Ghosh talking about the origins of animation startup Kahani. He talked about how Indian ethnic content can become global as Japanese animation and hiphop of the US became as global as any other “mainstream” content.
There is a whole lot of podcasts. Take your pick here.

Also see Podtech.net‘s coverage of TiEcon 2006 which also has a series of interviews.

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