NBC News Joins ITunes With Current, Archive Video; No Nightly News

NBC Universal expands its presence in the iTunes store with NBC News … the portfolio doesn’t include the “Nightly News with Brian Williams” or the other NBC marquee news shows; video from most of those is being featured on MSNBC.com. Instead, it’s a mix of current and archived news and documentary video (NBC calls it “historic”) featuring NBC News stars and longer shelf life than daily newscasts. The most intriguing may be the NBC News Time Capsule, which includes the milestone “Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Tour” and a 1957 interview with Martin Luther King, Jr. One example of the way various pieces are being pulled together: a 1987 interview with U2 by Rona Elliott is paired with a bonus — Tom Snyder’s 1981 interview with Bono and The Edge in their first U.S. TV appearance. The full portfolio includes 8 news and documentary titles with nearly 40 episodes for sale at $1.99 each. The network says a monthly average of 500,000 users have downloaded NBC News audio podcasts for the past 11 months. Press release.
The package doesn’t include Brian Williams’ uninformative interview with Steve Jobs that coincidentally aired on Thursday night’s newscast. That’s up for free on MSNBC.com.
On another front, NBC Mobile has started programming headline news video for MSNBC.com, an interesting reverse on the usual process.

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