Mobile-TV Vendors Politely Jockey For Position

Paul Scanlan, co-founder and chief operating officer of MobiTV, launched the Mobile DTV conference, saying that the mobile TV market is large enough to support several different approaches at this stage — although “if carriers are really serious about getting mobile phone users to tune in, they’ll have to make it less complicated to pick a service, and also make those services very easy to use”.
Some interesting excerpts:
“Three of the five most popular channels on MobiTV’s service were created especially for a mobile environment, Scanlan said. People might want a familiar television experience on their mobile phones, but they actually watch much different types of content on those devices–short videos also called “snackable” content, he said.”
“Fast networks have been key to the success of mobile television in Korea, where wireless carriers have actually had to scale back their offerings to deal with demand, Kenagy said.” Certainly, the broadcast mobile TV networks haven’t been as successful as hoped so far, at least TU Media’s satellite DMB effort.