jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #18 – Samsung Q1 UMPC unboxing



Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #18 here (WMV format, 320×240, 82.8 MB, 23 minutes)

Kevin_2006_100pix_1I ordered it, Best Buy sent it and UPS delivered it! Yup, the Samsung Q1 UMPC is in da house! This is the official "live" unboxing of the device and I try to show you every component of the Q1 packaging and contents. Overall, I’m very impressed; the packaging almost justifies that $1,099 price tag. Well, not quite, but really, it is packaged nicely. It’s all here, so why don’t you virtually unbox a Samsung Q1 with us?


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Kevin C. Tofel

Jr, I don’t own a PSP but James does. If he can bring it to our MobileTechRoundup meet ‘n’ greet next month, we’ll do a comparison.
tnkgrl, maybe we can consider the videos indifferent formats for the future.
ND, I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m all ears if you have some suggestions to make these videos better.



I was wondering how those the resolution looks compare to the PSP. I love watching movies on the go can you tell me how sharp and crisp movies looks
on this device I will appreciate it.

David in NZ

Good on ya Kevin! Will be curious to see/hear a usage review as I honestly can’t think of how I would use such a device. It is sexy, though – have to admit…


Awesome video Kevin,

However, you now have me even closer to pulling the trigger on picking up one of these devices. I can’t wait to see more of your thoughts on its usage, particularly with MindManager and ActionWords Ink.

Tablet PC User

A+++++ Excellent Video!


This has to be THE BEST “first looks” video review I’ve seen in a LONG while. Unlike those other bloggers that take time to get a bias, you show us your experiences and feels as they happen! Keep it up KCT! Other people should learn from your example!


WOW! I didn’t realize an unboxing could be so informative! Great video! I am certain that your full review will answer all of my usage questions and the addtional articles on USB cables and the like are the icing on the cake… Thanks for taking your time to do all of this!


Great video.

Re the Q1 – it looks just too big to be an ultraportable for me. But its a step in the right direction, and I suspect it will sell like hot cakes.

Would love to see a Sony UX unboxing when JK gets his hands on one!

Michael Venini

It cut off part of my comment. Let’s do this again.


Great review of the accessories, I can’t wait for the full review. Sounds like you are going to cover a lot of topics.

Finally, the Q1 wouldn’t turn on, because you had the hold button set to hold.

Dave Zatz

The built-in stand is some pretty smart design (assuming it holds up). Especially since Slingbox will be releasing a custom player for this form factor. ;)

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