Digital World Tokyo reviews the Sony UX


Ux50This is some actual "hand-on" time, which lends more credence to "reviews" that are simply based on specs, pics, or two-minute mauling before having a device pried from your hands. Digital World Tokyo spent some decent time with the Japanese version of the new Sony UX and I really don’t see any surprises.

While the device is very portable and usable, the small keyboard and screen limited the reviewers usage time as a standalone device. There’s no question in my mind that this device is an engineering masterpiece, but it’s clearly not for everyone. Then again, I don’t know of a single device that is, ‘cept maybe for an iPod.




Kevin – thanks for dropping by DigitalWorldTokyo.

I totally agree with you about the lack of a niche for this device. What would you like to see in a really useful UMPC?

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