What scenarios would you try with a UMPC?


Samsung_q1So it looks like my Samsung Q1 is in a big, brown truck as I write this; the expected delivery date is tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about how to best share information with you. I’m sure we’ll have a video review. I’m certain we’ll discuss this on a MobileTechRoundup show. I’m positive that I’ll be blogging various posts and have an unboxing photo party. Maybe that’s not all you want, however.

In light of that thought, I’m going to open up the comments here and let you help me. Why should everything come from just my perspective? I imagine you would use a UMPC in different scenarios and settings than I would. Why can’t this be more of a virtual, community review? If you envision using a UMPC on a 1.5 hour train commute to play Sudoku, for example, tell me. I won’t take the train, but I can play a game for 1.5 hours, easy. (And if you don’t believe me, just look on Xbox Live for the "podcatcher"!)

How about it? If you’ve got a situation or scenario for the Q1 that you’re interested in, drop a comment and I’ll do the best I can for you. If you received the Q1, what would you do with it? Like I said, I use my primary computing device mainly for e-mail, blogging, RSS reading and web-surfing. Now, I can only install apps that I have, so let’s keep it real! Whaddya think: should we drop Vista on it? Should we stream some video from a Windows Media Center box? Let us know what you’d like to see and I’ll do my best to "test" your scenario and provide my thoughts on if this device would benefit you in it.



Dan Ancona

I’d be real curious to see what the 3D performance is like. Thanks for the offer, can’t wait to see the resulting writeup!


Has the rumored media remote software surfaced yet? That would be nice with media center. Orb streaming video while connected through EVDO as well.


I second the eBook comment, though I’d like to see eReader used instead. This device looks to be the perfect ebook reading device.


woops forgot to mention streaming my slingbox and watching tv on the go when i take my 1 hour bus commutes everyday.

sneaking into the college radio station without a backpack and easily rip the entire radio station (with a n external cd burner of course)

using this at work while i work in the lab.

dumping my mpegs from my sony dcr sr100 30gb camcorder when it gets full.

actually i’ll take the sony ux since it fits in my pocket.

but thats beside the point. what is it that u can’t do with this thing?


i’ll use it foremost as a media player. dvd’s and at least most of my 40+GB music collection. i’ll use that in my car using the audio from the volume logic plugin for wm10.

also would use it with sprint mobile broadband after i get that pc card to usb 2.0 adapter i saw on your webpage. surfing the web and hollering at my girls. skype, text messaging you name it.

keep myself up to date with my finances using ms money, excel. email with mozilla thunderbird and google calendar


I’d like to know if it is convenient to have with you ALL the time. I carry my HP4705 everywhere I go. I’m looking to replace my HP when it gives up the ghost and I’m considering the OQO and Q1 as future replacements. Q1 is my first choice.

Anton P. Nym

Definitely interested in the 3G experience… how graceful or clumsy the experience is on Origamis considering there’s no native support.

Inking on the run would be a good test, too… I’m going to try to work with Word and Excel when commuting to see how feasible this is, and I’d appreciate a cross-check on that. (I might even take mine into the presentation room at work and hook it up to the projector to test how that works… yay for PowerPoint.

Interface with Bluetooth appliances in general would be a good test of how expandable these are.

Oh, and the Streets&Trips/Google-Earth experience; some folks were upset that GPS wasn’t included, so I’m interested in seeing how awkward it is to use external devices instead of internal.

— Steve


As an architect, I find that my Fujitsu T4010 and O2 Mini Pocket PC are very useful for me to jot down my notes, checking Site Measurements, refer to my library of informations including the internet, develop design in 2D & 3D CAD & Photoshop. But the T4010 is too heavy & big and the O2 screen is too small. I have always been looking for a device that I could take with me all the time, without creating too much attention and allows me to work on whatever, wherever and whenever I like. I’m interested to know if your new baby fits this role.

Mike Cane

I’d like you to try P2P on it, specifically LimeWire and eDonkey. I’d be interested if there are any issues with screen ‘size” (ie, pixels) in native res.

Murray in Canada

I also have a Q1 on order. I went the Pocket PC route and believe this will replace it. I hope to use it to play my GO game, Many faces of go version 11, anywhere. I have most of my text information in a program called Info Select ver. 8 and will be happy to have constant us of this info, when mobile. I will syncronize the data with my desktop via USB 2.0 with Fastlynx. I download and read many PDF documents on a daily basis from the web and from my Runbox.com mail when traveling.
Having recently installed a wireless network in my home and then surveying my area with a Canary wireless detector, have found at least a dozen open unsecured networks in a two block radius. If this is the typical home security level,this opens many possible wireless uses. The MP3, and Office 2003 use will be a bonus.

John in Norway

I’ve just read an English review and the author stated that the Q1 in England will come with the keyboard and case as standard for the same price (£799 I think). Is that the case for you?

I’m also interested in how good the inking experience is.

Richard L

Try reading Ebooks using Microsoft Reader or MobiPocket Reader in Portrait mode. Can you get the page format to near the size and look of a paper back book (or hard cover). Also try to load a PDF news paper like 24hour or Metro (free news paper available here for the commute). See how readable it is, can you “ink” the sudoku puzzle, or the crossword in it. That’s what I intend to do with it for my commute when I decide to take the plunge and buy a Q1.

For connectivity, if you have an EVDO/bluethooth cell phone, try if it is possible to use that for connecting to the net when WiFi is not available.

When at home, instead of using a USB keyboard, try using synergy2 for keyboard sharing solution.

I might have more IT oriented questions later, my other uses I would have for it.


I have not yet played around with one of the XP Tablet devices. I am eagerly reading all that I can on this class of PC because I want a Modern replacement for my Newton Messagepad 2000. If MS or a third party app can ever replicate the Inking of the Newton, that is to say inking and instant recognition anywhere on the screen, not just on the line in the box, I will buy one on the spot!

Bob Russell

Just noticed you are asking for input. Wonderful. I’m bursting at the seams with questions. Here we go!…

First of all, to answer your question, I’d use it four ways:
1) As a notepad to take and organize handwritten and typed notes throughout the day. I’ve never used a tablet, so I’m not sure what software I’d use, but OneNote sounds like the obvious choice.
2) With the portfolio case, keyboard, and A/C adapter as a real laptop. Both at a desk and on my lap if feasible.
3) Tethered to a Treo 700p with Sprint’s “phone as modem” EVDO data service to connect to the internet when out of wifi range.
4) For wifi internet browsing or media viewing (mostly MP3s and DivX) as an untethered tablet around the house. Is it safe to throw it on the sofa, or do you find yourself treating it with kid gloves and carefully setting it aside on a table where it can’t be accidentally disturbed or bumped or crushed?

Can’t wait to see what you think.

Don’t forget to tell us how bulky the A/C adapter is, or if there are sleek and light travel alternatives! With the limited battery life, the portability of the A/C cord is almost as important as the portability of the device itself!

Other questions:
* Can you connect to a desktop/notebook to share that cd or dvd player for installing software or burning data to DVD or reading data from a DVD? It would be nice not to have to get an external DVD component if you only need to use it at home anyway.
* How fast can be charged by usb cord from a desktop pc? (Is it possible at all to do that?)
* Why doesn’t every portable usb keyboard come with a pointer stick?!!!!!



I am seriously thinking about picking up one of these and would LOVE to hear how MindManager runs on the device. I would also like to see how ActiveWords Ink works as that could really speed up things without a keyboard. Also, how well does it perform as a mobile TV display with SlingPlayer? I have an i-mate JasJar and think the Q1 would be a better choice and I could still get about half off if I sold the JasJar :)

David Keppler

I’d like to see how quickly it comes back from sleep mode and what Outlook looks like on it, and how easy it is to use. Also, I intend to use mine hooked up to a flat screen, so an idea of how practical that is would be nice.


As a cartoonist working for daily newspaper, I’ll take my UMPC traveling to China. It’s not just a drawing tablet, but with connections of GPRS or even satellite network I may be able to send my works back to the newspaper in Hong Kong.

Dean Frain

Hi Kevin, I hope you Unboxing ceromony goes better than the one I had today. I purchased a oqo from expansys. had it for 4 days but chose not open it until a) recieved the screen protectors and b) the children where out with there mum.

everything went fine until, I noticed the scratches and scuffs on the power pack and some little cracks on the anntennas, then when i tried to power it up nothing happened. It is so good unboxing new gadgets, but this heavly over compensated with deep pain, when you try and send them back for a replacemnt. The moral of the this is… if there was a numeber one use for you new Samsung, that would be use it straigh away.

kind regards

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