Pc_card_to_usb_200xRob from GottaBeMobile gave us the heads up last night: looks like AllTP is now selling the USB to PCMCIA adapter that we spotted in December, providing full support for 32-bit 3G data cards. If you plan to pair a 3G PC card with one of the new UMPCs like I do, you’ll need one of these. There are a number of tested and supported cards and the adapter can be ordered now for delivery as early as June. $199 sounds like a bunch, but connectivity wherever you are is priceless.



Kelvin Wang

Hi lsbeller, you mentioned that CF to PC card adaptor is 16 bit. Any idea whether Vodafone is 16 bits or 32 bits?


Just remember that this particular model is for 32 bit PC cards. Not all 3G cards are 32 bit. My card, the Sierra Wireless Aircard 860 through Cingular is 16 bit and you can buy Elan’s U111 16 bit USB to PC card now for roughly $100 less (from the same store). Or, like me, you can use a CF to PC card adaptor (which is 16 bit) to make the conversion if your computer has a CF slot like my Fujitsu P1510D.



As you pointed out Kevin we mentioned this product last year and it bothers me that 6 months later it is still “backordered”. I’d wait until I see others receiving them before I’d plunk my credit card down.

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